Congressional candidate 

Alan LaPolice

The Two-Dollar Congressman

My name is Alan LaPolice and I am running for Congress to represent Kansas’ First District. I have a very solid background in public service and some very positive ideas on how to make our federal government go back to listening to and working for its people. However, I am facing the realities of running a grassroots campaign.

Because of the current political system, all campaigns costs money. Lots of money. My opponent currently has over $900,000 in his ‘War Chest’.

My district consists of approximately 700,000 people. That is approximately $1.30 for each man, woman and child living in this district. Now, if you check, you’ll find that his biggest donors are from the oil and gas industry as well as other interests outside of Kansas. I’m not at all opposed to oil and gas, it’s just that I’m not running to represent them. In fact, most of the oil and gas companies aren’t even in my district.

What you will find in my district is people. Lots of good people. People that I want to represent. So here is my dilemma: to be competitive in this race, I need as much financial support as he has. To win, I need more.

Here is what I’m asking: I need $2 from each and every person living in Kansas’ First District. If you are single, I’m asking you for $2. You have a spouse and 2 kids, I’m asking for $8. I am not, nor will I ever be asking for any money from any corporation or business that will ultimately expect me to vote in their favor. I am only asking for your support and I will consequently ONLY be indebted to you, the voters, the real people needing representation.

I like the corporations and businesses enough but they won’t be needing me in Congress. You will. You don’t live in my district, that is fine too, your support will help to fix what we all agree to be a failing legislative branch and hopefully start a revolution in how the system works.

This $2 will guarantee each of you a voice in your government. It will guarantee fair representation of the people, by the people, for the people. If you choose to give more, that would be great but keep in mind, it won’t buy you anything more than what every other man, woman and child of this district will get; honest and fair representation.

There is a lot of work to be done in Washington so support your two-dollar congressman now and let’s get to work!