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"A House divided against itself cannot stand."

Abraham Lincoln

Mark 3:25

Candidate Alan LaPolice

For Kansas' 1st District


Congressional candidate 

There has never been a stronger need for change in Washington

​​Washington is broken. Both parties are to blame and neither party has any real interest in fixing the actual problems. The problem isn't that the other side is trying to wreck America, it's that both sides are trying, and they are succeeding.

  • Nearly $20 TRILLION IN DEBT!
  • Nearly 16 YEARS AT WAR!
  • An Economy that only works for the well connected!
  • A Political Class that no longer has the trust of the people!

All of this is the fault of ALL elected Members of Congress.

The Future of our Nation depends on fixing these problems.

There has never been a better opportunity to elect an outsider

Alan LaPolice is the first Independent on the ballot in the First District in decades. He is Independent of the hyper-partisan nonsense currently destroying our government. Because he received over 45% of the Popular Vote in the last Republican Primary, he is extremely popular among Republicans. Since his policies are truly geared towards ALL Americans, he is also popular among Kansas Democrats. Since nearly half of All Kansas voters do NOT currently identify with either party, he is the only candidate for everybody else. And since the seat is now an OPEN SEAT, Alan has the ability to bring Honor and Integrity back to our Legislature! No other Member of Congress will have the credibility needed to break the gridlock and destructive partisanship in Washington.

Alan is an actual 5th GENERATION FARMER

"I grew up on a dairy farm north of Clifton. I milked cows twice a day, every day. I was driving tractors and grain trucks by the time I was ten. I worked 1,200 acres of crops, baled alfafa, laid irrigation pipe and fixed fence while others 'visited' a farm once or twice."

Alan is a COMBAT VETERAN with battlefield experience

"I chose the Infantry because that felt like true service to my country. I was on the front lines of the largest tank battle in U.S. History. I became a Bradley Gunner, earning Battalion Top Gun and the respect of all my brothers in arms. I trained my fellow soldiers to fight in desert terrain at the National Training Center in the Mojave Desert. I have repeatedly served my counry, I will again.

When asked if I will DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, I proudly say, I already have!"

Alan has spent a career in public service as a TEACHER, PRINCIPAL and SCHOOL DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT

"Nothing could be more important for our future generations than quality education. That is why I have spent much of my life serving my community as an educator. We live in a country where we strive to give everyone the opportunity to accomplish great things. It's the cornerstone of our nation, it's what makes us great and it's the type of value I will take with me to Washington."

If you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem
"I believe that we elect our representatives to Congress to perform a duty.  I believe that public service is an honor and a responsibility and it should never be considered a career or tarnished by greed. I believe that if our politicians are accomplishing nothing and accusing others with blame, they too are to blame."  

My priorities: Major reforms to the Economy, Defense and Healthcare.

I'll accomplish these reforms using Respect, Honesty and Hard Work.

Absolutley nothing else can get done until we restore TRUST in our Leaders.